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Reason to Flyy

Flyy provides ultimate dockless freedom so you can pickup anywhere and drop off anywhere within the FlyyZone!


Use the Flyy app to easily locate an e-scooter near you!


Easy and Quick

Flyy is smart and keyless! Start your ride with a few simple clicks on the app and start Flyyin!


Hassle Free

Break your journey with Pause Feature! Park anywhere safe in the FlyyZone!


Spend economically

No commitment. Pay per minute*

Ready to Flyy

Download the Flyy App in Playstore

Find your nearest ride

Scan QR to unlock the Flyy Ride

Start the smart e-scooter using our app

Use Flyy like it's your own e-scooter

Complete the Ride

Park safely within the FlyyZone and end ride using the Flyy App


How will I be charged?

We charge by the minute. So you dont have to worry about kms!
Want to ride for long hours? No problem, the app calculates the lowest fare automatically! For more details,
see 'Rate Card' on the main menu of the Flyy App

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Flyy Rides?

Anyone with a valid driving license

Where can I find Flyy Vehicle documents?

You can find our Flyy Ride documents under ‘Key Documents’ inside the main menu

How to start the Flyy E-Scooter?

Scan the QR code on the e-scooter or enter the vehicle number

Access torch button to scan in the dark

Select ‘Start Ride’ on the app

How do I pause ride during my journey?

Select ‘Pause Ride’ on the app during the ride and e-scooter ignition turns-off

Please note: the billing meter will continue to run until you end ride

After pausing ride, how do I resume ride?

Select ‘Resume Ride’ on the app and e-scooter ignition turns-on

How do I end ride?

Select ‘End Ride’ on the app

When does ride billing begin?

Billing starts when you select “Accept” after QR Scan

Billing stops when you select ‘End Ride’ on the app

Where can I park?

Parking Areas:

Park in allowed in legal parking zone

Free Parking - Green zone

Paid Parking - Blue Zone

No Parking areas (Penalty Chargeable):

Red Zone

Any unsafe or illegal parking

Inside private parking and basement Any areas not accessible to public

What is the Flyy Zone?

This is the zone within which you can use our services. It is the blue area on the map You can park the e-scooter and end the ride anywhere within the zone as long as it is safe, legal and accessible to public

Unable to start your Flyy Ride?

Please check your Bluetooth connection. If you are still facing issues, please reach us through ‘Contact Us’ on the main menu in the app

Unable to end your Flyy Ride?

Kindly ensure that your e-scooter is inside Flyy Zone, check your internet and Bluetooth connection. If you are still facing issues, please reach us through ‘Contact Us’ on the main menu in the app

Flat tyre during your ride?

Please ensure that you park the Flyy Ride safely and end the ride. Reach us through ‘Contact Us’ on the main menu.

Ending your ride outside the Flyy Zone or inside Red Zones?

Unfortunately, you cannot end the ride outside the Flyy Zone or inside the Red Zone

You must make sure that the ride ends inside the Flyy Zone or Green Zone to end your ride

Unable to turn-off the bike using the app?

Please use the “Emergency Stop” button physically present on the bike only during emergency situations to switch-off

How will I be charged for Flyy Rides?

Flyy Ride charges are calculated by time used and not by kilometers. The cheapest fare is automatically calculated and deducted from your Flyy Wallet. You can drive for any distance until battery charge runs out. However, please ensure you return the Flyy Ride back to the Flyy Zone before charge runs out.

How do I recharge or re-fuel the Flyy Rides?

Flyy Rides are only electric and do not require any refueling. They are charged periodically by the Flyy Staff

Please ensure you check the kms left and battery charge percentage on the app before starting a ride

Is there a time limit for the length of rides?

Your ride will automatically terminate after 24hrs. If you wish to continue, you can start a new ride immediately

How do I pay?

You can pay using ‘Flyy Money’ by recharging the ‘Flyy Wallet’

‘Flyy Wallet’ can be recharged via debit/credit cards, netbanking and more

The Flyy App automatically deducts ride charges from your Flyy Money once your bill is generated

Do I need to deposit any money for your service?

No, deposit is not required.

You only need money in your Flyy Wallet to use our services

Facing connectivity issues?

Close the app completely and restart bluetooth on your mobile. After doing this, restart the Flyy app. If you are still facing issues, please reach us through ‘Contact Us’ on the main menu

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